39th Coordinating Committee MNCG

From 26 April 2023, 09:00 To 28 April 2023, 09:00
MNCG HQ - Via Riviera A. Scarpa 75, Motta di Livenza (TV)
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This is the registration page for the personnel that will participate to the 39th Coordinating Committee MNCG.

Please be aware that registration page will be closed the 20th Aprile 2023 - at 10:00 hrs.

The meeting will be held in Motta di Livenza (Italy) the 27th April 2023.
We remind that:

  • Shuttle bus service from/to airports/train station will be provided according to your arrival/departure time. This service will also be provided for the icebreaker and the official dinner.
  • Hotel booking is participant's responsibility. Rooms have already been reserved until 19th April 2023 at PrimHotel (www.primhotel.it) in Oderzo. More information in the green icon.
  • On the orange icon you can see the draft of agenda.
  • Before leave your country check travel information on your national website. 


If you have any problem regarding the registration, plese do not hesitate to contact 

OR-9 Fabio DI PASQUALE  (fabio.dipasquale@cimicgs.nato.int)

Subscriptions are closed

Visit the event website: https://www.cimicgroup.org/

For more info contact fabio.dipasquale@cimicgs.nato.int